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With years of experience in Radiotherapy, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Protecco is a young company with a high service level and commitment.

It is our philosophy to supply high quality products and services against a reasonable price. Since we are a small company we have short communication lines which translates into quick response and excellent reachability.

Together with our well established international partners (who have years of experience) we have joined forces and we therefore welcome any challenge you might have that lies within our scope.

It is our mission to establish a company that becomes your solid partner in all radiation protection related challenges for the departments Radiology, including MRI shielding and accessories, Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine, Cardiology, and more. This includes complete Room Shielding solutions (inclusive installation), Personal Protection products (Lead Aprons, Glasses, Gloves, and also Mobile Lead Shields), Radiation Measurement Equipment, Patient Positioning Aids and other accessories needed on the afore mentioned departments.

Please browse though our products which can be found in the top menus. We invite you to contact us in case you have a need for our products or services. If the desired product cannot be found on this site, we also ask you to let us know.

Our details can be found under Contact.


September 2010,

ing. Niek Postma